Some End-of-Lease Cleaning Tasks You Might Overlook

27 June 2016
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Many apartment complexes require you to clean your apartment before you move out or risk losing a deposit. You might be thinking that a good vacuuming of the carpets and scrubbing of the bathroom is all that's needed, but usually there is much more involved when it comes to end-of-lease cleaning. Note a few tasks you might overlook so you're sure to get them done.

Washer and dryer

If your apartment has a washer and dryer, be sure you wash down the inside of the washer tub and completely clean the lint trap of the dryer. Wash down the front and top of both appliances, as well as the face plate with the controls and knobs. Vacuum around them, as lint from the dryer often gets trapped in that area.

Balcony or porch

Be sure you've removed all furniture, grills, and other items from outside. Sweep off the balcony or porch thoroughly. If a plant stand has left some residue, use a scrub brush and a detergent meant for concrete to remove it.

Ceiling fans

Be sure you've dusted the tops of ceiling fans and have cleaned the light bulbs as well as any glass domes over the bulbs. Wipe around the connectors of the fan blades that attach them to the unit and the pieces that connect the fan to the ceiling as well.

Medicine cabinet

When cleaning the bathroom, you may have forgotten about cleaning out the medicine cabinet. Be sure you sponge down the shelves and also wipe down the top of the cabinet, if it juts out from the wall. Clean the front mirror and the knob or handle and remove any fingerprints from the surface.


You may want to wash down the mini-blinds in an apartment; you can flatten them against the window and run a wet rag over them. Be sure to clean the windows once you're done, as this will leave streaks on the glass. The bathroom blinds often get especially dirty as they hold moisture from the shower that allows dirt to cling more readily to the blinds, so don't overlook those.

Windowsills and tracks

Vacuum out the windowsills and tracks of a patio door wall. This is especially important if dead bugs tend to collect in that area. Be sure to wipe down the front of the windowsill and remove any fingerprints or dirt. Do the same for the window casing; you may have fingerprints on the wood frame of the window around the lock, so be sure that's all cleaned properly.