Office Tips | Unique Organisation Tactics of Boosting Your Efficiency in the Office

26 September 2016
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So you walk into your office every morning with a cup of coffee in one hand ready for the day. However, there are some days that simply don't work out. You laze around and your productivity drops to the floor. Well, in many cases, it's simply because you're not organised. You may be psyched up for work, but the fact that your environment is chaotic simply lowers the morale for work. So if you're looking to start working at your best, here are some organisation tips to have in mind.

Hire office cleaners

If you don't want to stress over the huge bulk of clutter, then commercial office cleaners should be your number one option. They'll get rid of the clutter, organise your desk and even clean the office. Research has shown that a clean and neat environment boosts productivity, and 94% of workers reported better efficiency in such an environment.

Office cleaners also make the air cleaner and reduce the rate of office illness. A study in the UK found that £16bn is lost every year due to sickness absence in the office. Learn more about this topic.

Have an incoming junk space

This is a move designed to prevent clutter from filling up your office space again once the cleaners have done their job. Your office gets cluttered and disorganised due to three main kinds of junk; trash, important documents and your necessities such as a jacket or umbrella.

What the incoming junk space does is to assemble an area that is designed to keep up with the influx of such junk. It could be located at any convenient location, whether it's to the right of the door, or beside your office desk. It should have a tray for the essential documents, hooks for hanging your clothes and jackets and finally a trash bin.


Another common reason for a disorganised office poor filing. A valuable trick is to create divisions in your filing system so that you can have a better idea of where things are. You could even colour code these files for easier retrieval.

For instance, you could have a particular binder for personal, medical and work repairs. The personal binder can hold your private belongings and files such as your personal photos or insurance documents. The work repairs binder can have the maintenance related info about the company such as generator repairs, and the medical binder can have medical records.

You could have multiple categories depending on your workspace and role in the company.