Four bathroom cleaning tips for time-poor professionals

4 August 2017
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When you're working over 40 hours a week, commuting and trying to fit a social life into your busy schedule, it's easy for your home to get a little messy and grubby. If you're a time-poor professional, check out these four cleaning tips to help keep your bathroom sparkling clean with minimal commitment:

Clean as you go

Rather than waiting for all the bathroom grime to build up throughout the week, clean a little every day to save yourself the hassle of a bathroom overhaul on your precious weekends. If your mirror has a smear, there are puddles on the vanity, watermarks on the shower screen or stains in the toilet, clean it up now. You'll prevent the mess escalating into full-blown chaotic filth, and by breaking up your bathroom cleaning into micro tasks, you'll have the time to take a bath instead of simply cleaning it.

Keep cleaning supplies handy

You have five minutes to whip over your bathroom with a cloth before you head to work- spending 3 of those minutes looking for a spray bottle and cloth doesn't leave much time for cleaning! To help you make the most of your minimal bathroom cleaning time, keep a well-stocked cleaning caddy handy in your bathroom. Include any spray cleaners you like to use, surface cleaning wipes, microfibre cleaning cloths, a squeegee, toilet brush and an old tooth brush. Also pop refills for your soap dispenser, toilet discs and toilet paper nearby, so you can quickly restock as necessary. With a little organisation, you'll be ready and waiting for your next speed cleaning opportunity!

Avoid mess altogether

To maximise productivity at home as well as the office, you can put strategies in place to prevent your bathroom getting grimy. There are several preventative tips and tricks that you may want to employ, such as:

  • Use products to your advantage. Try an after-shower spray, mould killer and toilet-cleaning tablets to keep grime at bay.
  •  Keep humidity down and prevent mould growth by using your bathroom exhaust fan during and after a shower or bath.
  • Rub a layer of lemon oil over your shower screen to both clean and prevent hard water stains!

Schedule regular deep cleans

Finding the time to give your bathroom a really thorough clean can be a real challenge when you work full-time, however, a regular deep clean can help save you time and sanity. If you find that you just don't have the time at this point in your career to give your bathroom a deep clean on a regular basis, consider employing an experienced commercial cleaner to do it for you!

Ask your local experienced commercial cleaning service about how they can complement your busy work schedule- call today for a competitive quote.