Hiring a Pressure Washing Professional Is Worth It

29 November 2017
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Whether you want to blast the remaining snow after a long winter season, clean the leaves and debris brought about by fall or simply just want to improve the curb appeal of your home, pressure washing is the way to go. The question, however, is, should you hire or buy a pressure washer or hire a power washing company to do the job for you? For most people, doing the pressure cleaning yourself is more economical and also fun. However, this could not be further from the truth, and this is why.

Pressure Washing Can Cause Serious Injuries

There are many people out there who think pressure washing is fun. After all, it's just blasting high-pressure water to the surface. What they don't know is that water comes out of the pressure washer at 4000psi which is enough power to cut down your finger or even worse carve a hole in your building. Professionals understand that pressure washing is serious, so they take extra precaution to protect your property and everybody around from the dangers.

Cleaning Out of Order Can Cause More Harm Than Good

As stated earlier, a power washer projects a lot of power which can force an inexperienced person to clean out of order. A simple mistake like firing water into cracks will mean that water gets into your house and you have a mould problem in your hands. The nozzle can come flying off if the pressure is not controlled and hit someone or crack a window. Professionals have the experience to use even the most potent power washer, and they know how to manage the pressure and hold the hose, so it doesn't fly off the hurdle.

DIY Pressure Washing Can Lead to Issues with the Law

Most people don't know that it is a crime to discharge dirty water to the municipals drainage system. If you decide to hire a pressure washer and blast all the dirt and oil off your pavements and into the municipal's system, you will be prosecuted legally, pay fines, and probably face jail time. Pressure cleaning companies, on the other hand, have wastewater collection systems that they use during cleaning, so the dirty water is not discharged to the ground or public water.

It is true that buying or hiring a pressure washer is economical and efficient. However, unless you have a professional onboard who knows how to use the different kinds of machines, it is better to hire a commercial pressure cleaning company. Not only is it safe for you and your property, but it's also safe for the environment.