Signs That Your Carpet Is infested with Mould

28 November 2018
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Homeowners usually associate mould infestations with structures rather than with their furnishings. They assume that this fungus only grows in damp basements and that they do not have to concern themselves about it as long as they keep their home airy. The reality is that as long as you have carpeting, you should be concerned about mould infesting it, especially if you engage in DIY carpet cleaning. The problem with do it yourself carpet cleaning is that there is a higher risk of the carpet not drying fully, which creates the perfect habitat for mould. Fortunately, professional carpet cleaning can prevent or remedy this, depending on the current condition of your carpet. Nonetheless, how do you know if your carpet has developed mould? Here are some signs to be aware of.

Musty smells in your house

One of the first signs of mould that you will notice before you can visibly identify the fungi is a musty odour inside your home. If this smell is more pungent in one room than in others, then it is likely it is coming from your carpet. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner will go a long way in mitigating the spread of this mould while restoring the freshness of your carpet.

Dampness on your carpet

Various things could cause your carpet to feel constantly damp. If you have recently washed it, but it has not fully dried in a couple of weeks, it is likely that mould is already breeding inside the carpet. In the event that you find a leak in your home and your carpet is in close proximity to the damaged plumbing, chances are mould has sufficient time to establish itself in your carpet. Any unexplainable dampness on your carpet should have you seek carpet cleaning services so that the mould is removed and the carpet is fully dried.

Recurring respiratory allergies

In some scenarios, you may not notice the foul smell since you are continually exposed to it and your carpet may not feel damp. So what can tip you off about mould? If you notice that you and your family members are succumbing to recurring allergic reactions, the cause could stem from your carpet. Mould can cause an array of respiratory complications including asthma, laboured breathing, bronchitis and so on. Therefore, when you notice that you and your family are consistently being plagued by these problems, you may want to have your carpet checked out by professional cleaners.