Two Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt to Carry Out End-of-Lease Cleaning Without Professional Assistance

22 January 2018
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If you will be moving out of your rental property in the near future, you will need to ensure that it is clean before you leave. Here are two reasons why you should not carry out this end-of-lease cleaning without the help of a professional. It could reduce your chances of getting your bond back Most lease agreements stipulate that tenants who are moving out of a property must leave it in good condition. Read More 

Hiring a Pressure Washing Professional Is Worth It

29 November 2017
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Whether you want to blast the remaining snow after a long winter season, clean the leaves and debris brought about by fall or simply just want to improve the curb appeal of your home, pressure washing is the way to go. The question, however, is, should you hire or buy a pressure washer or hire a power washing company to do the job for you? For most people, doing the pressure cleaning yourself is more economical and also fun. Read More 

Risks Posed To Your Health If You Do Not Seek Carpet Mould Removal

16 October 2017
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Some people may assume that mould abatement is only necessary once this fungus has infested the entire residence. In truth, you need to arrest the development of mould as soon as you see the signs of it growing in your home. This elimination is particularly necessary if you have recently experienced flood damage in your home, as this increases the risk of the spores breeding in your carpet. One thing you may not know about professional carpet cleaning is that they can help in mould alleviation as long as the infestation has not got out of hand. Read More 

Upholstery Cleaning: Things You Should or Shouldn’t Do

16 August 2017
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The costs of hiring professionals to clean your indoor upholstery can add up quickly if you don't take on some of those cleaning tasks yourself. This article discusses some useful tips that you should implement as you clean your upholstery when you want to avoid paying a professional to do that work. Pretest All Cleaning Products You can never predict what impact a given cleaning product will have on your upholstery due to the different combination of factors, such as the upholstery fabric and the material underneath the upholstery, which may impact the cleaning process. Read More 

Four bathroom cleaning tips for time-poor professionals

4 August 2017
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When you're working over 40 hours a week, commuting and trying to fit a social life into your busy schedule, it's easy for your home to get a little messy and grubby. If you're a time-poor professional, check out these four cleaning tips to help keep your bathroom sparkling clean with minimal commitment: Clean as you go Rather than waiting for all the bathroom grime to build up throughout the week, clean a little every day to save yourself the hassle of a bathroom overhaul on your precious weekends. Read More