Rubbish Removal | 4 Winning Strategies To Fill Up Your Skip Bin Smartly

13 April 2016
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Undergoing a major home renovation or home building project means that you're probably going to face a massive rubbish removal task to get rid of the excess waste around your property. While hiring a skip bin is vital for this rubbish removal task, filling it up correctly is just as important if you want to avoid any expensive fines or added loading charges later. This guide equips you with winning strategies to fill up your skip bin smartly.

Know The Recommended Weight Capacity Of Your Skip Bin

The important thing to remember is to avoid overloading your skip bin beyond its recommended weight capacity. Overloading a skip bin not only affects its overall balance, but it can also lead to expensive re-loading charges because a skip bin company will not be able to transport it beyond a certain weight load. If you're confused about the weight of your rubbish removal items, be sure to check with your skip bin company before loading the bin.

Load Bulky Items At The Bottom Of The Skip Bin

Always remember to load your heaviest items at the bottom to ensure a proper centre of gravity. This will prevent the skip bin from toppling over, which will happen if heavier items are loaded on the top. Loading bulkier items at the base will also help you maximise space as much as possible in the skip bin. Bulky items may include concrete debris, gravel, white goods, tabletops and window frames.

Crush Bigger Items When Possible For Space Optimisation

If you have bigger items like furniture, cupboards and metallic items that can be crushed or dis-assembled, make sure you do so when undertaking skip bin rubbish removal. This will enable you to optimise the space you use inside the skip bin, allowing you to load more items for less trips to the landfill.

Avoid Putting Recyclable Items In The Skip Bin

Recyclable materials like cardboard boxes, milk cartons, glass bottles, plastic bottles, pizza boxes, work paper, old books and cans are usually recycled through your local council service without any charge, so you may as well put these items in the bin assigned for recycled items. This will leave more room for you to put other home renovation waste items into the skip bin, so that you end up filling it as smartly as possible.

When undertaking rubbish removal during a home renovation or home building task, be sure to follow these winning strategies to fill up your skip bin smartly.