Be Sure You Don't Overlook These Items Needed For a Builder's Clean

12 April 2017
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A builder's or new construction cleaning is usually a bit different than standard residential or office cleaning, as removing the dust and debris created by new construction is usually much more difficult to manage than what needs to be cleaned in an average residential home or commercial facility. Note a few details that should be included in a builder's clean, and be sure to go over this checklist with any company you're considering hiring after new construction is completed.

Trash pickup

After any construction is completed, there may be empty boxes, bits of wiring and plumbing pipes that have been cut to fit, and other such debris that need to be collected and put in a rubbish bin. Some of those boxes for appliances and other items can be quite large, and metal shavings and remnants can also be sharp and dangerous to handle. This is why it's vital that you ask a potential cleaning company if they can manage this type of trash collection and pickup.

Cleaning glass

Many cleaning companies will clean the interior of window glass with standard window cleaner and a rag. However, window glass often gets marred with bits of paint, grout, adhesive from weather-stripping, and other such materials during installation, and this may need a straight edge or other such tool to clean properly. This can also include bathroom mirrors, which may need more than a simple polish. Ask your construction cleaners if they can manage this type of glass cleaning.

Excess grout from tile floors and showers

A tile installer should remove excess grout from tile floors and showers, but some grout is usually left behind and will need added cleaning and removal. This can mean grout that has collected along the edge of tiles or where shower walls connect, drops of grout that have fallen into a bathtub, or a layer of grout that was pressed into the surface of the tile after installation. A commercial cleaner may need to use a straight edge to scrape up this added grout and ensure all tiled areas are properly cleaned.

More thorough vacuuming

Since construction usually means lots of dust from trimming wood, insulation, drywall, and other materials, your cleaners will need to do a very thorough vacuuming of the area. This can include the vents, windowsills, baseboards, crown moulding, and underneath kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Vacuuming wood floors can also be needed, rather than a simple dust mop, to remove all that extra debris. Ask if they can manage this added work, to get the entire area as clean as possible.