Risks Posed To Your Health If You Do Not Seek Carpet Mould Removal

16 October 2017
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Some people may assume that mould abatement is only necessary once this fungus has infested the entire residence. In truth, you need to arrest the development of mould as soon as you see the signs of it growing in your home. This elimination is particularly necessary if you have recently experienced flood damage in your home, as this increases the risk of the spores breeding in your carpet. One thing you may not know about professional carpet cleaning is that they can help in mould alleviation as long as the infestation has not got out of hand. Read on to find out the risks that are posed to your health if you do not seek carpet mould removal post haste.

Skin irritations

Some people's sensitivity to mould exposure could be much higher than that of others. Thus, some individuals may start to develop skin irritations before the presence of mould and mildew becomes conspicuous.

As the spores float through the air, they rest on your skin and could cause rashes, welts and other skin problems. You should have your home inspected for mould and have it dealt with before the infestation is extensive.

Problems with your respiratory system

The most common health issues associated with mould exposure is respiratory problems. Firstly, if you already have people in your home that live with asthma, they will be especially vulnerable, as their breathing will be further compromised. The spores from the fungi steadily make their way to the lungs as they are ingested, and this can aggravate symptoms such as coughing, wheezing and more.

Additionally, prolonged exposure to the mould can cause you to develop shortness of breath and a feeling of tightening in your chest. Young children who do not have asthma also become at high risk of developing chronic respiratory conditions when they live in a home that is infested with mould. It would be essential to have the mould cleaned out of your residence before it becomes worse and leads to the development of permanent health conditions.

Irritation in your throat and nose

Another physical condition that you could develop due to prolonged exposure to mould spores is irritation in your throat and your nose. It is important to note that these irritations are separate from breathing problems that you could develop from mould exposure. The irritations will manifest in several ways for example chronic stuffiness, aggravated sinuses and regular sore throats.

These symptoms coupled with the difficulty in breathing and irritated airways can make your home inhabitable. Rather than shrugging off these irritations under the assumption that they will go away on their own, you should invest in professional cleaning to ensure that the spores are eliminated from your home.